Generating leads for your business can be very challenging. This is the reason why SEO has become such an important marketing tool nowadays. 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine, and the top Google result has 33% chance of getting clicked – this means that if you are not the first result on a search, we will lose a third of potential traffic.
In 2020 it is estimated that companies will spend $79.27 billion on SEO. But what do we do when our budget is tight, and we still want to appear on the first page of Google results? We are referring to Google as the primary search engine as it has 90.1% of internet browser market share.
We have made a quick list of 5 ways to boost SEO rankings for your website that don’t require an investment and are based on what you already have, and can be improved.

1. Improve the loading speed of your page

A slow website will influence your ranking because Google will recognize that and rank it accordingly. Moreover, 40% of visitors will leave a web page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load…

A great free tool to check the response time of your website is Pingdom. It will tell you how fast your load time is, and give you improvement suggestions.

2. Focus on quality content

72% of online marketers believe that content marketing is the most effective SEO tactic.  In addition,  between 70 and 80% of people don’t click on paid results, they prefer organic search results.

So focus on relevant content. When a user saves/bookmarks your website, it can help increase you SEO ranking. This is why it is so important to create quality content. The better the quality – the better the changes of saved by visitors.

Make a list of top 3 reasons you want to be known for and write about those. Don’t get lost in the sea of information, find your niche and stick to it.

3. Use header tags

Headings separate your content and make the data easier to read and scroll.  If you place the information in a block of text, this will influence your SEO ranking, and it is going to discourage your readers, making them leave your page.

4. Add photo & video

Photos are great to send a message to your audience, just be careful to optimize them (resize and/or compress).  A photo that has a big size will make our page load slower, and we’ve already established that is something undesirable, as it will decrease your ranking. Moreover, you can add multimedia such as audio, video, etc. to your website to make it more interactive.  Studies have shown that consumers want to watch more videos.

5. Remove all broken links

You shouldn’t worry if you are using authority websites for hyperlinks, but if you are referencing another page in your website, it is possible to find a dead link. Broken links will decrease your SEO ranking fast. In addition, any visitor who will be redirected to a dead page will bring him closer to leaving the website altogether.

A free tool for checking the availability of link from a website is Dead Link Checker. It will scan the whole website and give you the exact links that are not working.