10 Awesome Holiday Marketing

Campaigns of 2018


Winter is that time of the year that draws the most attention to the public, but also to brands around the world. Every culture, religion or country has its own rituals related to the winter holidays. This is the end of the year, a moment of balance, gratitude and recognition for what has been accomplished.

Since the beginning of November, people are preparing to celebrate the holidays, and marketers start considering and planning their special campaigns.
During holiday campaigns, competition for consumer attention is extremely high. The shopping fever is fueled by retailers as well as by manufacturers, which offer consumers an impressive number of promotional activities, prize campaigns, special packages and in-store actions.

Here are some of this year’s campaigns that came into our attention in a pleasant way, made us smile, laugh, or get emotional. :)


Spotify Wrapped

Since 2016, Spotify has made a habit for the end of the year to sum up the last 12 months according to user preferences in the Wrapped campaign. The campaign is promoted both online and outdoor and does not fail to bring to people’s faces a smile. Also, one thing to be appreciated is that Spotify Wrapped refers to each individual user. We can have our own spotify wrapped by accessing www.spotifywrapped.com from our phone or computer.


YouTube Rewind 2018

Every year since 2010, Youtube launches a selection of images from the most popular clips of the year. It’s a great opportunity to relive the important moments of the and to praise the pop culture trends, memes and celebrities. Practically, a nice gift from YouTube that we all enjoy receiving during the holidays.

Shopping in ice in Iceland

And no, we are not talking about the island country, but about UK’s top supermarket. The store chain Iceland launched a new concept, in order to make shopping more fun. Practically, you could glide through the aisles as you pick up your groceries. And you have all you need, including a locker room or even penguin aids for the kids.

Sky Cinema and Cassetteboy are trying to prove that Die Hard is a Christmas movie

On the Die Hard’s 30th anniversary year, the YouTube mash-up artist Cassetteboy has turned his attention to classic action movie, creating its very own 12 Days of Christmas. In order to settle the biggest debate of the year (Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?) the artist drew attention to all the references to Christmas in the script. Also, Sky Cinema even created a website where you can cast your vote:  https://www.isdiehardachristmasfilm.com/

Coca-Cola celebrates 25 years of polar bears

Coca-Cola’s latest Christmas campaign, ‘Christmas Rules,’ came up from the fact that the iconic polar bears are celebrating 25 years as the beverage’s winter mascot. The campaign is very sweet and simple, reminding us that everyone has a special role at the Christmas table.

Rafael Donato, creative VP at DAVID SP. said that:

“We’re bringing back the Coca-Cola Bears to talk about ‘Christmas Rules’, which is a follow-up campaign to our ‘Household Rules’ campaign from earlier this year. In order to capture these spontaneous moments, our production team spent the week at the North Pole with this beloved family. It was pretty cold up there, but the Bears made us feel right at home.”


Uber‘s life-size toy cars

Uber is bringing some Christmas toy joy to the streets of Paris with their new campaign.

The company’s head of marketing for western and southern Europe, Michelle Lamberti, stated that:

“With UberToys and the agency, DDB, we wanted to give users an original, unique, light-hearted experience by rekindling the emotions of Christmas magic. UberToys gives Parisians the chance to relive their childhood by riding around Paris in a toy farm truck, a remote-controlled car or even a vehicle made entirely of modelling clay, while letting the magic do its work,”

Argos’s trees for cat owners

Pet owners come up every year with different ways to rescue their Christmas tree. Some are hanging it from the ceiling, others install protective fences, but British designers had a very funny and unusual idea this year: half Christmas trees!


It’s a wonderful life by Virgin Trains

As part of their new campaign, Virgin Trains painted some quotes from Christmas favourite ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ on platforms across the UK, from Glasgow to London. Their main objective is to showhow powerful small acts of kindness can be and encourage kindness, calmness and festive warmth.

Tesco celebrates Christmas rituals

The campaign is called ‘However you do Christmas, everyone’s welcome at Tesco,’ and as the name suggests, it’s focusing on diversity and celebration of the different routines that people associate with Christmas. Tesco: ‘We know that everyone’s Christmas is unique. Whether you’re sitting down to turkey, beef, or cauliflower wellington this year, we’ve got Christmas covered, with all the trimmings.’


The return of the beloved, by Heathrow

All they want for Christmas is to be home with their family. Heathrow’s festive campaign is very heartwarming, presenting the tale of the beloved bear couple Edward and Doris, returning home.

Heathrow’s chief commercial officer, Ross Baker, stated: “The nation’s love for Doris and Edward is overwhelming and has been since we first met them in 2016. For many people, being close to the ones we love is what really makes Christmas special.


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