The Best Marketing Stunts and

Trolling Masterminds of 2018


The marketing segment is constantly evolving. Just when you figure out the latest addition to a social media platform, or when you hear about the best advertising idea ever, something new appears. And 2018 was all about that. A lot of popular brands overcame themselves with fantastic campaigns, impressive advertising methods, top quality trolling, or even products ‘launched’ in space.

We have created a list with 5 of the most exciting marketing stunts of this year. Check them out: 

1. Tesla – Elon Musk’s Roadster Goes Into Space

Somewhere in space, a Tesla Roadster car floats to infinity…

Elon Musk has carried a modular rocket into Earth’s orbit that will forever revolutionize space industry. And he did it in style, with a PR stunt. As the Falcon Heavy was preparing for the big launch of 2018, Musk took advantage of this for a new marketing exercise. He put on board a Tesla Roadster, the first electric model made by the company. At the wheel, Musk positioned Star Man, the new astronaut suit to be worn by the first people to reach Mars.

A good marketing campaign or a millionaire’s whim? Well, we could say it was both ;)



2. Fox Home Entertainment – Deadpool Photobombs

To help celebrate the release of Deadpool 2, Fox Home Entertainment and Walmart teamed up and put together an incredible marketing stunt. Practically, Deadpool took over every single Blu-Ray cover in a Walmart shop. From The Terminator and Predator to Edward Scissorhands and The Martian. The humorous set of 18 limited edition “photobombs” had a huge success. As soon as the covers went live in stores, people started to share them all over the the internet, being one of the main subjects on social media.


3. Domino’s – Paving for Pizza

The purpose of the ‘Paving for pizza’ project was helping cities across the U.S. repair potholes, in order to ensure pizzas make it home safely. The campaign’s motto was ‘Bad roads shouldn’t happen to good pizza’ and it started with eight potholes in Bartonville, Texas. In its first week, the campaign garnered 35,000 organic mentions on social media.  After a while, more than 137,000 requests poured in as residents of towns across the country asked the brand to come fix local road nightmares.

Kelly McCormick, the lead creative director happily stated, “I don’t think any of us expected it to blow up quite as big as it did.” The campaign was so successful that after just two months, the company decided to extend it to a second phase. The plan was to facilitate at least one paving project in all 50 states by the end of 2018. Good job, Domino’s!



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4. Burger King – The Whopper Detour

Burger King trolled McDonald’s again. And in the process, they boosted the app downloads. Long story short, Burger King sold Whopper hamburgers for just a penny, but only to customers within a 600-foot radius of a McDonald’s. The offer was available from 4 to 12 December and it was announced with the help of a short video posted on the internet. The video shows some confused people asking for a Whopper at McDonald’s drive-in and a couple of even-more-confused McDonald’s workers, trying to deal with their requests. Check it out and laugh!



5. Diesel – Deisel – Go With the Fake

This year, DIESEL has launched its own fake: DEISEL! With the start of the New York Fashion Week, the clothing brand found a smart way to stand out and appear in profile magazines, launching a product stall with the wrong logo and the slogan “For successfull living.” No, we didn’t write that wrong. The products were presented as fakes, but they were actually Diesel quality under the Deisel logo.

The store where the products were sold was in fact a hall on Canal Street, one of New York’s famous places to buy fake products. Renzo Rosso, the company’s founder, stated that the team was intrigued by the logo appetite, but also by the world of counterfeit culture. So they touched the issue in their own way: playful and ironic at the same time.

Being part of a limited series and having the advantage of a campaign that has already appeared in magazines such as Vogue or The Cut, the fake-authentic Deisel pieces soon became collectibles. Cool marketing stunt! ;)



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