Facebook launches Hobbi – will it defeat Pinterest?

Facebook released this February  a new photo and sharing app for documenting your special ideas, projects and hobbies – Hobbi.

The newly released app doesn’t have a social media component, as you might think, it is not based on likes (check out our article to find out more), it is just an editor and organizer, meant to “help you document and remember the things you love to do”, according to AppStore description.

Hobbi will help you organize your photos into themed collections. For example, if you like interior design, the app will track all your progress over time, under that specific category. In addition, it can create videos of projects after they’re finished. 

The app is currently available on iOS in the US and a few other countries. 

Although some may argue it is just a copy of Pinterest, it is not yet known if this new app will tap into Pinterest users or target new ones.

Some early users have already expressed their feedback, according to the App Store: 

Could be great. Not yet – Needs better integration with Facebook and Instagram to share the projects.  It would be great to be able to add project collaborators through Facebook friends list. Maybe even a group.”

Just what I need for my hobbies – I am a power hobbyist and I love reflecting on the things I’ve done, or else I just forget! This app seems to be trying to do that. I’d like there to be more social features and video, but I like where this is going :)”

It is up to us to discover which app is better, and we cannot wait to see the public response to Hobbi.