Facebook releases “Never Lost” video to celebrate human connection during Coronavirus


Facebook released yesterday a 90 second video called “Never Lost” to honor all the ways we use to stay in touch during this crisis caused by Coronavirus, that has impacted us all.

The video shows cities, stores, hospitals and real snippets of people’s lives and how this pandemic in shaping the image of the world around us.  We can also hear a poem by Kate Tempest, which was wrote in 2019 – People’s Faces.

Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post: “We made a short film ‘Never Lost’ to honor the solidarity and resilience of so many people coming together during this time. Thank you to everyone doing your part.”

Many Facebook users feel this video is uniting us as one:

“It gets into the inner corners of my heart “

“The world is indeed facing unprecedented crisis!”

 “Thank you for your effort Mr. Mark …. GOD bless us all ….”

You can see the video below, and visit their support page here: facebook.com/covidsupport