If you are looking to bring your business online, or have already done it, choosing the right keywords for your website can help place you high in the browser results, without spending money on ads. Let’s see below how to chose the best keywords for SEO.

The role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to improve your website’s position in the results shown by a browser, taking into consideration key words and specific phrases.  A SEO strategy is combined of many aspects. The most important of all is content. Creating an original and useful content, that includes relevant keywords for your business and for your customers is the recipe to a successful SEO.

A keyword is a term/or terms that a user types into a browser with the purpose of finding the results needed. For example, if I’m looking for a flower shop in my area, I’ll be using “flower shop nearby” for my search. The browser I’m using will show me relevant results based on my keyword, from the most fitting to the less fitting. This is the reason why your website should include the specific keywords a user might look for. Going forward on our example, if you have a website for your flower shop and the keyword I used is nowhere specified, chances are, even if you have photos of your shop and flowers all over your website, that the browser will not consider you a fit result for my search.

Now that we understand the importance of a keyword, let’s dig in on how to use them.

Think about the profile of your business. What are the words a potential customer might use to find you? Put yourself in their shoes and come up with a list of the best 5-10 basic keywords. Once you have these, you can use online instruments to find other relevant, related keywords. One example of such an instrument is Google Trends. This tool will help you be up to date with the search trends, you can find ideas for content, or it will show you the search ranking for keywords based on a time frame, from a specific area, etc.

On our example about the flower shop, Google Trends is showing us below it’s peak, by month. The region I selected is US.

Google trends flower shop

Use those keywords in the content of your website. Try to insert them into paragraphs seamlessly. DO NOT OVER USE THEM! If you think you might trick browsers into considering you more appropriate for a search result by using the same key words in excess, you are mistaken, plus …  it’s a sign of bad marketing.

Keep yourself informed and up to date with all search trends in your field. Keywords that are “hot” now, might be replaced in the future by others, and it’s important to follow the changes in order to always be relevant to your potential customers, and secure a high position in the search engine results.

To improve your SEO ranking, check out our article for free tips.

Good luck!

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