5 of the Best Instagram Videos

to Inspire Your Own

When it comes to engagement, Instagram is the best platform for most businesses and industries. Although it’s part of the Facebook ad network, Instagram has its own rules when it comes to user commitment. It’s more about brand awareness, customer journeys, discovery and inspiration. Also, being a network based on visual entertainment, it creates endless possibilities for brands to showcase their products.

Have you ever found yourself scrolling for a few hours in order to find great ideas for your next posts? With all of this video content popping up on your Instagram, how can you make videos that stand out? We have gathered up some examples of the best Instagram video ideas from brands that have a huge success on this platform, in order to get you inspired. Check out their stategies!

  1. Tesla

The electric auto manufacturer Tesla is a major brand that stands out on Instagram. The company not only makes great products, but it does an excellent job at promoting them too. Of course, the marketing team takes full advantage of the fact that cars are an easy thing to hype up.  They always like to highlight the smallest details about their cars and also, they dont’t keep future products or features hidden. Tesla has a huge success on Instagram with more than 4.7 million followers.

View the world from a self-driving Tesla

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  1. GoPro

GoPro’s approach to social media and in particular Instagram is about celebrating a lifestyle of adventure. In fact, for GoPro, high-quality user-generated content is the key to their Instagram success. Also, the company doesn’t use Instagram to sell their products, but rather to establish a powerful relation between the public and the storytelling that shows an aspirational lifestyle. GoPro has become a digital marketing powerhouse with more than 14M followers. The secret? First-person point of view that gives the user an intimate experience.


  1. Lego

Lego posts a variety of creative content on its Instagram, that inspires fans of all ages. While their products typically appeal to children, LEGO knows the importance of considering adults a target. The brand is very clever at engaging adults/parents by using relatable and subtly humorous content. Also, one of the company’s secrets is the partnership with big brands like Disney, Elle, DC Comics or even UNICEF. For example, LEGO partnered up with Stars Wars for the promotion of ‘The Last Jedi’ movie and created a video that generated over 350K views.

A Star Destroyer fit for the Supreme Leader. #StarWars #LEGO #TheLastJedi

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  1. Tasty

BuzzFeed Tasty is doing incredibly well on Instagram, with more than 20M followers. Social media users love seeing how to do projects or make meals on their own, and the company is taking full advantage of that. Tasty uploaded about 337 videos to Instagram in 2017, all following the same recipe: simple, helpful and…shareable. Andrew Gauthier, creative director of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, stated that: “We want people to be able to watch the video and feel like they can pull it off at home.”

  1. IKEA

IKEA uses content marketing strategies can directly correlated to boosting sales, not just spreading brand awareness. The company has an extensive use of social media with separate country pages for different markets, with massive emphasis on its digital catalogue. Showcasing a product in a humorous way is always a good idea. But IKEA knows more than that. In the video below, they not only show what the product looks like, but more importantly, they present the benefit that the customers can get from buying it.