A Good Logo is Essential to Your Business

A company logo is more than a nice and colorful symbol. It’s part of what is called ‘visual identity’ – a set of graphic elements that differentiate a product , service, company or organization from the rest.

A business, like a person in a society, will be evaluated and viewed by other people using various criteria and perceptual elements. Depending on what they think, the business will become a success or sadly, just a waste of time and money. Identity is the key and within it, the logo has a strong impact!

A good logo can make your business and products reach the public more easily than your competitors’. A logo must be:

1. Simple

You have to resist the temptation of exposing every aspect of the business in the design. A logo with lots of details may lose or distort the message and it’s very hard to remember. Keep it clean, with an attractive design and easy to read text.

Also, don’t forget that in small print (letterhead, business cards, personalized stick), a simple logo will keep quality and meaning. ;)

Here is a funny timeline of Pepsi and Coca-Cola logos. It seems like Coca-Cola found the recipe for success. Pepsi is still searching for it…


Source: www.underconsideration.com 

2. Relevant

It happens very often to see around very beautiful, but irrelevant logos, that don’t express the essence of a brand and fail to communicate with the target. Or, they just don’t relate to the product, service, or organization. So make sure that your logo mirrors your brand and products, it’s built for the target and in accordance with the market.

3. Different

There are millions of logos around us, you have to build one that can’t be confused. From Google Image searches to just watching logo pictures a few weeks in a row, make sure you do all you can in order to pick the one that’s memorable. Choosing colors, font, sizes and shapes is an art! Properly used, it will increase the impact that your brand will have on customers, both online and offline.



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