Rebranding: How to Get

a Successful Makeover


Whether your goal is to attract more customers or to expand your business to another niche, rebranding is a successful strategy. But making a clear and efficient rebranding for a business is not an easy job, especially for small businesses. Your new image has to be present both online and in OOH (out-of-home advertising).

What does rebranding mean?

Rebranding is part of a company’s marketing strategy, being a process that can help you get better in the eyes of your customers (if it’s done right). By rebranding, a product or company gets a new look and a new position on the market.

Although there are many misconceptions that criticize the rebranding process, experts from around the world agree that such a it is necessary for companies that want to stay up-to-date in a market that is constantly changing. But when is the right time for rebranding? And how can you make a successful change? Here are the main aspects that you should be careful about in the rebranding process:


  1. Don’t kill your SEO in the process

Don’t forget, SEO is very important in this equation. If you don’t want to change your business completely, reach out to other customers and break into a new market, then make this change slowly. Be patient and change one item at a time. Advance planning is the key. The best way to start rebranding is to keep your original domain name. But even if you have to change it, try to maintain your original content as best you can.

Another important thing you should do is to redirect every page from your old site to the most relevant page of the new one. This will keep the search engines happy and your ranks at a safe level. Although, we advise you not to use redirects until you’re ready to go fully live with the new site.


JD Prater, AdStage


  1. Engage your audience

Do you want new customers? Do not forget the old ones! Use social platforms to announce your intentions. Try to involve your most active or loyal clients in this process. Make yourself feel like they have a say and you are listening to their opinions by implementing, to a small or a large extent, their ideas. In the first phase, you can organize a survey to find out what they think of your company. In that way, you will understand what key aspects are essential to keep. If you’ve already started with redefining your business, then you could come up with new logo ideas and let the audience vote on them. Let them choose what they like best.


  1. Do your research

You should never rebrand without making a research. You have to ensure that your reasons for rebranding are valid and that your goals for the this process are appropriate. A successful approach to the research should mix up both qualitative and quantitative methods and ask tough questions. For example, how much can your brand deviate without losing a loyal customer?

Also, don’t forget to check the competition in the market. It would be a shame if you found out that the future name you have prepared with a lot of passion is extremely close to another business’. All things considered, the whole research process will help you build a strategy for applying your new brand ideas. You are not allowed to skip this step. ;)

  1. Be clear and transparent

Over the time we have noticed that there is a need not only for transparency in internal communication, but also for partnership and support within the organization. In a rebranding processes, the management must ensure transparency and constantly inform the organization about the status, future actions and the results. Otherwise, the people in the organization will start to build their own image about the purpose of this process and may see it  as a danger, not as an opportunity.

In conclusion, rebranding is not an easy task. This move has to be carefully analyzed and thought step by step. It’s a process of change in the culture of the organization, the management style and also communication, both internal and external.


Here is a gallery of famous rebranding examples. Who knows, maybe they will inspire you. :)


Check the full infographic here.


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