It is impossible to not come across this little miracle sign # (hashtag or pound key) at least once a day. Usually accompanying a photo, a post, etc., it has become as frequent as an emoji, and it can boost your post quickly. Studies show that an Instagram post with hashtags can get up to 70% more likes than a post without them. And the beauty of it is that you can use them anywhere: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

How to benefit from its power?

  1. Choose the correct words

You can choose from the below, based on the message you want to transmit:

  • #Brand – here you can hashtag your own company name and see what other people have posted about it. This should be short and, most importantly, easy to remember.
  • #Campaign– this type of # is focused on the campaign you are running in order to increase awareness. This tool can help better integrate your marketing strategy by using it on all your social media platforms. That way you send the same information on all channels.
  • #Content– this is the most general type of hashtag and it can help you reach more people than the above two. You can use simple words to describe your content (#guerillamarketing, #outdoormarketing, etc.) and that will help boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization – see our website for more) and, in the end, make your posts easier to find by the targeted audience. 
  1. Don’t overdo it
  • Instagram will allow you to include 30 hashtags in your post, BUT … Posts that have many hashtags tend to be viewed as spam.
  • Don’t hashtag everything, only the most relevant aspects of your post.
  • Keep your hashtags readable. Don’t hashtag hard to read sentences. Remember the golden rule: Keep it simple!
  1. Research what hashtags you should use
  • Personalize hashtags to the characteristics of your audience (Niche hashtags). Find what your desired customers research and get closer to them by hashtag-ing the same info.
  • You can also see what your competitors are using, this way you may find alternative hashtags to help you.

Final tip: hashtags work better when they come with a great image. Your audience is scanning through hashtags, and an eye-catching photo is the final push they need to open your post!