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5 Accounts You Should Follow on Twitter

Wouldn’t you like to get into the minds of successful business people and see what they’re thinking about right now? Or why are they successful? Or what are they doing and you should probably do? You can do this. On Twitter, of course.

Just think of it. You can use this social platform as a daily dose of wisdom, that comes directly from some of the biggest and most influential business players. Hundreds of millions of Tweets are being posted daily, so it might be difficult for someone to know who are the worth following users. Here are 5 successful entrepreneurs and influential people who deserve to be watched in 2018.

1. @richardbranson

Richard Branson has built a social media presence that all of us would do well to study, with a Twitter account that boasts over 12 million followers. The founder of Virgin Group uses his feed to share great business tips, successful strategies, motivational quotes and even photos of his lifestyle. Trust us, the images of his adventures will inspire you to work harder.

2. @elonmusk

Elon Musk has been well known to crowdsource for ideas and interact with his followers on social media. He is a Twitter power user, with more than 22.5M followers, with an account that is educational, informative and even entertaining. Usually he shares his thoughts about technology and updates regarding SpaceX and Tesla, but you can also get a small glimpse into his life and interests as well.

3. @invoker

Ryan Holmes is the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, the platform that helps people manage multiple social media networks. He posts about technology, entrepreneurship and of course, social media. Also, he is considered to be a Top 10 influencer in his field, so you don’t want to miss his tweets!

4. @tferriss

Tim Ferriss, the author of best-selling books, such as “The 4-Hour Workweek,”  is a New York entrepreneur and an angel business that invests in startups. With over 1.5M followers, his Twitter feed is a mix of investment tips, sales tactics, encouraging quotes from the billionaire of the month and funny personal comments. Ferriss often urges people to ask questions, to which he personally answers. Give him a shot if you want advice on how to increase productivity, as well as suggestions for how to relax.

3. @mcuban

Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor and also a judge on the popular “Shark Tank“. Usually he tweets a variety of business articles, entrepreneurship advice, insights about technology and of course, behind the scenes of Shark Tank. Also, he shares updates on the NBA team he owns, the Dallas Mavericks. A lot of people consider the self made billionaire as one of the best entrepreneurs to follow on social media, so you better check his account right away.