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Instagram Stories, and more recently, IGTV, quickly changes the way that companies can reach and inspire communities. The platform creates new opportunities for these communities and offers gives them them a chance to emerge through fresh and brief content.
People spend more and more time on mobile devices, and businesses begin to realize the potential and marketing opportunities offered by vertical videos. Especially because this interactive, full-screen format has the ability to capture the attention of users more than ever.
Here are some useful tips gathered by Adweek  from filmmakers, art directors, cinematographers and designers, that will give you inspiration for your new videos. Let the likes come!


Look at the world in portrait

Practically, you will have to put away some things that you learned about horizontal creations and find new and creative options to fill the frame.

The Life in Vertical video made by animators at Parallel (@parallel_studio_) captures very well this moment. A lot of their work is based on “forcing” different objects to be vertical in their videos: “We’d really like people to do the mental gymnastics themselves to find ideas that would be amusing to look at vertically. It requires a new way of working and you have to force yourself to forget everything you did previously.”



Use the up-and-down flow

Long story short, you should place the object from the top to the bottom of the sceen. Think up and down instead of right to left. Check out the Magic Box stop-motion animation below, created by the Japanese creator Ipnot (@ipnot).



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Magic Box / 魔法の箱 – Cannes Lions 2018📽 @instagramforbusiness × @ipnot – カンヌライオンズ2018で発表されたInstagram Creators Projectの日本部門の映像を担当させていただきました🧙🏻‍♀️💫 IGプロジェクトでは縦の空間を活かした面白い動画が各国のアーティストから発表されています。 @instagramforbusiness で隔週1作品ずつ更新中。 – Special Thanks🙏🏻 Facebook/Instagram/Angela Hu/Milos Silber/Shugo Kuriyama/Ryoko Ichimura/Adria Ginger/Jiro Kumakura/Takao Suenobu/CannesLions/DMC – #InstagramCreators #canneslions2018 #stopmotionanimation #dmcembroidery#embroideryart#ipnot#カンヌライオンズ2018#ストップモーション#縦長動画

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Throw a horizontal split

Don’t be afraid to split the screen and stack three or four captions on top of each other. If it’s done correctly, a splitted vertical video can really boost your follower’s attention level. Combophotos (@combophoto), an art director in Marietta, Ga., is a master of this technique.  Check out his work.



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climbing + climbing + climbing + climbing A while back @instagram reached out to ask if I could play around with some vertical video ideas to be used as part of their Instagram Creators series. And though they didn’t get down on one knee to ask, I still said “yes.” The task was simple… make it vertical… make it 15 seconds… go! long story short, when this idea was on a piece of paper it looked pretty simple, but when it went from paper to camera, simple lit itself on fire and jumped out the window. And as funny as my first test video was, I learned very quickly just how synchronized and measured I needed to be (the point wasn’t to be perfect, just not jarring). I’ll spare you the nerdy details, but just know it involved some complex math… making matters worse, I do street math, not your fancy “school math”. I’m not a snob people. Anyway, several YouTube tutorial’s later, and a ton of help from family, friends, new friends (Brett Glover), old friends (the beloved staff of @ps260) and @atlantarocksclimbing (for letting me climb, hang out, move holds and just stand there staring at the wall while I talked to myself. You guys are awesome) anyway, after all that… we have this. Me combining stuff. And I’m the stuff. #combovideo #creatorsfridays #curatedbyfacebook @instagramforbusiness @curatedbyfacebook

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